Poetry At Parties

Give your guests the gift of poetry.
A small "Haiku Stand" is delivered to your event by two poets, each with a typewriter. Every guest provides a topic and we conjure a custom tailored poem on the spot. We specialize in haiku and limericks but will cater to your every beck and call.
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How does a party with us work?


Poetry At Parties

Say hello to our super-friendly


Poetry At Parties
Photo: Andrew Werner

Give them a topic. They can write about anything.


Poetry At Parties
Photo: Andrew Werner

Hang out and party while the team gets typing.


Go home with a poem.

Poetry at any party.

Poetry At Parties


Couples are always looking for another way to spice up their wedding and other related engagements, whether with a photo booth or moustaches. Personalized poetry is an archival means of turning those moments into memories and an exciting way to send your guests home with a lasting parting gift.

The poets bring additional typewriters and invite guests to write a poem of their own for the Bride and Her Groom. All of these poems are collected to create a scrapbook to send to the newlyweds upon return from their Honeymoon.

Corporate Events

Both your clients and employees always appreciate a pleasant surprise. Whether you're hosting a holiday party, happy hour, or a client event, not everyone is guaranteed to know one another. The "Haiku Stand" an excellent place to socialize and a wonderful ice breaker for meet and greets.

Poetry At Parties

Poetry At Parties

Street Festivals/Fairs

When was the last time you were wandering outside and saw two guys on typewriters offering free haiku to passers by? Our poetry services are a unique way to entice people into hanging out for a moment and hearing what you have to say.

Private Parties

Friendly people and engaging conversation make any good party great. One way to be sure your guests will remember the night forever is to ensure they go home with a personalized poem they will hang on their wall, refrigerator, or anywhere else worth keeping.

Poetry At Parties

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